Mt Pisgah

On Saturday, Sophie and I got to go out and have a little time to ourselves, so we drove to Mt. Pisgah and spent the morning Hiking.

Sophie on the Trail

We stopped by the river every chance we could

Sophie by the river

And spent time throwing rocks

Sophie throwing rocks

And just enjoyed the beautiful trail

Sophie on the Trail

We saw some deer and sophie decided to chase them


Sophie chasing deer

Sophie chasing deer

We also saw a caterpiller

Sophie with Caterpiller

And we ran into Sophie’s friend Max from school. They spent a long time playing together: looking for agates, examining a dead fish we found, and throwing rocks.

Sophie and Max

There were tons of little tiny fish swimming around in the river, and I eventually caught one in my bare hands. Here’s a picture of Sophie holding it. Her hand is kind of distorted because it is such a close picture, rest assured she does not have enormous hands, the fish is just very tiny…

Little fish in Sophie’s hands

The whole day was a lot of fun, but I think Sophie may have enjoyed eating snacks at every rest break the most.

Sophie eating her snack

When we got back to the house, we were pleased to discover that Becky had put her time to good use. She had taken Lillian out to pick blueberries, and they came back with almost 8 pounds.

Becky with blueberries

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