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Cute pictures

The top picture is actually from two weeks ago, but I just saw it and thought it was cute. Sophie recently got a haircut so I wanted to post a picture of the new do, but the only one I have also shows Becky in her ballet attire. Hope she doesn’t mind sharing it with [...]

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Sophie’s Garden

When we lived in our Charnelton Street house we had a nice little garden. Sophie and I loved to go out and pick peas and beans to eat and it was basically just a lot of fun. We missed it a lot last year, and Molly got tired of listening to me moan about it [...]

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Cooking Show

Sophie saw a cooking show and has been wanting to do her own. Becky set her up with one, but unfortunately holding Lillie makes it hard to hold the camera still enough to get a watchable movie. Forgive us for the low production qualities, but here is Sophie’s soup movie:
And here are some still shots:

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