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Rag Curls

We are reading “Little House In The Big Woods” with Sophie right now. In the book, Laura Ingalls gets her hair put up into rag curls and so Sophie had to do it too. So here we are putting up her hair. Even though she winced because it hurt, she was determined to do it [...]

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Taxi Season

The mailman got the mail mixed up yesterday and we got our neighbors’ tax documents. I asked Sophie to take it over to them. When she got back, I asked her how it went and she said, “It went fine. Lee said, ‘Thank you, this is very important, we need it for our taxis.’”
Lee called [...]

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Lego tower

Sophie and I like building stuff together. We were playing with legos (duplos really) and she said she wanted to build the tallest tower. She did a lot of the constuction, but when it got taller it was hard to keep it balanced and all in one piece, so I kind of took over. We [...]

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Tree Care

A man who lives down the street from us came by today to prune some city owned trees in front of our house. Sophie, who loves to ask questions and strike up a conversation, asked the man what he was doing and why. He told her that he volunteers for the city to care for [...]

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Sophie & Daddy Play

Sophie and Daddy like to play with Legos and K’nex and this is their latest creation. It’s a car of sorts, the “eyes” are headlights.

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