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More Birthday Pics

Sophie got a little digital camera for her birthday. At the birthday party we had a game for the kids where they had to take pictures of certain items or of themselves performing various actions, sort of like a cross between a photo scavenger hunt and photo charades. If they completed all the tasks we [...]

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Sophie’s Birthday Parties

Over the weekend we had two birthday parties for Sophie. On Saturday we had Sophie’s friends come over and then on Sunday we had a family party. We had a great time and Sophie got all kinds of cool gifts. Here are a few pictures to get you started, we’ll probably add more in another [...]

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Katey’s Birthday Party

Sophie went to Katey’s 4th birthday party this weekend. You might recognize Katey from the Library “Cat in the Hat” parade. (By the way, both girls were featured in the library’s newsletter this month.)

Sophie doesn’t take her eyes off of the prize– here she is watching other guests take a whack at the pinata.

Sophie gets [...]

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Random Pics

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Getting TOO smart

As grammar is one of life’s greatest joys, and having a mother who has a great interest in all things linguistic, Sophie has a lot of knowledge in the area.
We were singing “A person in your neighboorhood” (I think it’s from Sesame Street or Mister Roger’s Neighboorhood). The last line is “A person that you [...]

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