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Something Smells Rotten

Today Sophie said:
“I love Mima, she spoils me. I don’t mean spoils me like she leaves me out and I get moldy, like cheese. I mean she gives me treats and everything I want.”

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Sophie and Lillian after Ballet practice

and in their matching outfits

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A Serious Talk

We went to visit Mima, Glen and Alex this weekend. The first thing Sophie said to Mima was “Can I have a chocolate bar?” Mima said, “i don’t have a chocolate bar, Sophie” but you can’t fool Sophie.”Yes you do,” she said, calling Mima’s bluff. Mima produced a good-sized chocolate bar from her purse. Sophie [...]

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Growing up

I’m constantly amazed at how grown up Sophie looks to me for only being 3 years old. I think I get confused sometimes and expect her to act older than she really is, and that makes it hard for both of us. She’s continuing to struggle with adapting to having a little sister who claims [...]

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